Window Replacement Benefits

Not only can replacing the windows of your home and business add beauty, but it has a range of other benefits as well.

Window Replacement benefits in Lufkin Texas

Window Replacement Safety

Upgrade to new windows for improved safety and security. Newer windows feature technology that can reduce the risk of injury if a window accidentally shatters. Additionally, many new windows have security additions, including locks, latches, and alarms, that can make it harder for intruders to break in. While new windows can keep you and your loved ones safe, they will also improve the value of your home should you decide to sell.

Window Replacement Attractive

With sleek designs and a variety of materials and styles to choose from, upgrading to new windows will instantly enhance the curb appeal of your property - both inside and out. We offer several window styles to compliment the outside of your home, and new windows make the inside of your home more attractive as well. Choose from aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl windows and work with the window replacement experts at Blume & Son Construction.

Window Replacement Energy Efficient

One of the most important benefits of replacing windows is the energy savings. New windows are much more effective at keeping out the elements and protecting your home environment. Keep the cold air out in the winter, and keep the hot air out and block sunlight in the summer, helping you save on energy bills. New windows are better insulated and reduce drafts, which means your furnace and air conditioner won't have to work quite as hard.

Drafts, condensation between panes, difficulty opening or closing, visible damage or decay, or a noticeable increase in energy bills are signs that it's time to replace windows. Replacing windows in your East Texas home or business can improve energy efficiency, enhance curb appeal, increase natural light, and reduce noise and drafts in your home.

One of the primary advantages is improved energy efficiency, which can lead to reduced heating and cooling costs. Energy-efficient windows are designed to minimize heat transfer, keeping indoor spaces cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This can create a more comfortable living environment year-round and reduce the reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to lower energy bills. Additionally, energy-efficient windows can help to lessen the carbon footprint of a home by reducing energy consumption.

The cost of window replacement can vary depending on factors such as the number of windows, size, type, materials, insulation, and labor involved. On average, homeowners can expect to pay between $300 to $1,000 per window for standard replacement windows. Specialty or custom windows may cost more. The total cost of window replacement for an entire home can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

Additional factors that can impact the cost include the need for frame repairs, installation of energy-efficient features, or custom window treatments. Reach out to the window replacement pros at Blume & Son Construction to compare prices and find the best option that fits your budget and needs.

Consider factors such as window style, material (vinyl, wood, aluminum), energy efficiency, and warranty when choosing the right windows for your home.

The time it takes to replace windows depends on the number of windows, size, and complexity of the project. On average, window replacement for an entire home can take several days to a week. Reach out to the window replacement pros at Blume & Son Construction to get an accurate estimate and to discuss the timefram for your particular window replacement project.

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