Carports Benefits

The best way to protect your vehicles from the East Texas weather is using a custom carport built by our professionals.

Carports benefits in Lufkin Texas

Carports Accessibility

Carports offer increased accessibility for your vehicles. Unlike garages, carports are open structures that allow for easy access to your vehicles without the need to open and close doors. This makes it convenient to use your vehicles on a daily basis. Additionally, carports in East Texas can accommodate larger vehicles, such as RVs, boats, or trailers, providing a secure and accessible storage solution for all your vehicles.

Carports Versatility

In addition to being used to protect your vehicles, carports can also be utilized as covered outdoor spaces for gatherings, storage of outdoor equipment, or as a shaded area for outdoor activities. Carports are a great solution for added functionality at your home or business in a more budget-friendly manner than adding a new building or home addition. Create a comfortable and protected space for your family and your vehicles with a carport.

Carports Weather Shelter

Shield your vehicles from the unpredictable elements with a durable carport. Our carports provide a protective cover that safeguards your cars, trucks, or recreational vehicles from sun damage, rain, snow, and hail. In many cases, you may not realize that bad weather is heading your way, and a carport can protect your vehicles even while you're busy. On rainy days, a carport is a welcome addition to save you from having to walk out in the rain.

The need for a building permit for a carport varies depending on your local building codes and regulations. It is recommended to check with your local authorities before installing a carport. Also, the team at Blume & Son Construction can take care of the permitting process for you.

Regular maintenance for a carport includes cleaning the roof and structure, checking for any damages or wear, and keeping the surrounding area clear of debris.

A carport can serve a variety of purposes beyond just providing shelter for vehicles. In addition to protecting cars, trucks, and other vehicles from the elements, carports can also be used for outdoor gatherings, storage of equipment or tools, as a covered play area for children, or as a workspace for DIY projects. The versatility of carports makes them a valuable addition to any Lufkin Texas property, offering a functional and practical solution for a range of needs.

Our carports are made of high-quality materials and, when properly maintained, can be durable and long-lasting, providing protection for your vehicles for many years.

The cost of a carport varies depending on its size, materials, design, and additional features. Reach out to the friendly and knowledgeable team at Blume & Son Construction to begin designing your carport to suit your needs, whether it's for vehicle protection or to add additional outdoor living space. We'll provide a detailed quote and find the best option for your budget and needs.

When considering adding a carport to your East Texasproperty, you have the option of attaching it to an existing structure, such as your house or garage or building it as a freestanding structure. Attaching a carport to an existing structure can provide convenient access to your vehicles and create a seamless transition between the two structures. This option may also save space and reduce the overall cost of construction.

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